In the beginning, there was only Victor von Leers. In the end, there was ZARTAX—cyborg, living weapon, ultimate Executioner. After Warday, when millions of human lives ceased at once in a flash of nuclear hellfire, the lives of sadistic junkie Billy Wong, Surgeon-Minister Woldemar Mohamet al-Husseini, and Leers would be bound together by some unseen hand moving them toward God’s ultimate purpose.

The debut novella of one of our foremost dissident thinkers, Steelstorm opens up terrifying vistas of Homeric violence and Venusian sky-city arcologies. With an essay outlining the philosophical implications of fiction as well as his own reasons for writing the book, Thomas777 has given us a major creative statement and a new mythos.

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  • Additional Information

    Author(s): Thomas777

    Publishing Date: 16/09/2021

    Language: English

    Page Count: 90

    ISBN: 978-1-922602-13-8