A problem well put is half-solved. The reactionary is a man of few words, well-chosen, which cut to the heart of a problem. In the history of ideas there have been works which have laid bare the problems of modernity, and whose elegance has pointed the way to their solution.

Imperium Press' Studies in Reaction series distills the essence of reactionary thought. The series presents in compact format those seminal works which need so few words to say so much about modernity.

Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges

The Indo-European ancestor cult is the grandfather of all European nationalism, traditionalism, and patriarchy, whose purest forms have deviated little from it in 5,000 years.

In The Ancient Family we get a picture of the primordial Aryan family structure, which was later built up into highly technical, world-girdling empires that maintained their ethnic integrity to the very end.

This may be the ultimate Study in Reaction. If there can be a serious challenge to modernity, it will look like this.


The Ancient Family


After the death of Achilles, the Greeks award his prized armour to Odysseus rather than Ajax. Overcome by shame at this dishonour, Ajax repays the insult with bloody vengeance.

Sophocles’ Ajax contrasts the archaic man to the classical man. Noble, proud, and vengeful, Ajax embodies the Indo-European warrior-aristocrat, just as the cunning, clever, and silver-tongued Odysseus embodies the new man of Greece. Sophocles’ work is second to none in holding up the shame culture that so characterizes traditional social orders.

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Popular Government - Mockup zoom.png

Churchill once said that “democracy is the worst form of government except for all others…” and in Popular Government, Henry Sumner Maine answers him 60 years in advance with “…unless you examine  any part of history at all.”

In this book, one of the greatest legal minds of the 19th century
examines the question of governance, and finds democracy wanting. In an age where democracy has never been more fragile, Maine’s clear-eyed analysis has never been more relevant.

Henry Sumner Maine

Popular Government

The Present Time

Thomas Carlyle

The Present Time is a collection of the most reactionary essays by Thomas Carlyle. In them he critiques democracy, laissez-faire economics, and the idea of progress with unmatched savagery and erudition.

This volume of his most radical thought also includes an exhaustive glossary, finally making Carlyle accessible to non-specialists. Carlyle is one of the towering figures of illiberal thought, and this collects his strongest material into a compact volume.

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Why I Am Not a Liberal - Mockup zoom.png

An intimate interview with one of the dissident right's foundational figures, this slim volume is the perfect digest of far right thought.


Jonathan Bowden was a major intellectual force in the London New-Right, a magisterial speaker with an encyclopaedic knowledge of politics both left and right. Surrounded by admirers, in this interview he answers questions on a wide range of topics, and reminds the dissident right of lessons it has forgotten in the years since his untimely death.

Jonathan Bowden

Why I Am Not a Liberal

Havamal is the major work of Norse wisdom literature, the counsel of Odin himself. This is the accumulated wisdom of one who has moved under a northern sky, and killed many men. Translated into the original alliterative meter, this Havamal is true to the original, at once archaic and down to earth.


The Imperium Press edition also includes other selections from the Poetic Edda and Völsunga Saga, as well as 150 proverbs collected from across the Norse sagas.

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Havamal and
Norse Proverbs