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A problem well put is half-solved. The reactionary is a man of few words, well-chosen, which cut to the heart of a problem. In the history of ideas there have been works which have laid bare the problems of modernity, and whose elegance has pointed the way to their solution.

Imperium Press' Studies in Reaction series distills the essence of reactionary thought. The series presents in compact format those seminal works which need so few words to say so much about modernity.

Why I Am Not a Liberal

Jonathan Bowden

A transcription of a 2009 interview at the Union Jack Club. Bowden's oratorical firepower is on full display, but in this intimate environment his acolytes put every question to him you ever wanted to ask. The result is a sweeping overview of reactionary thought, and a perfect introduction for the curious.

The Present Time

Thomas Carlyle

Your ship cannot double Cape Horn by its excellent plans of voting. The ship may vote this and that, above decks and below, in the most harmonious exquisitely constitutional manner: the ship, to get round Cape Horn, will find a set of conditions already voted for, and fixed with adamantine rigor by the ancient Elemental Powers, who are entirely careless how you vote.

“We utter not one word of comment upon these opinions of Thomas Carlyle. They are purely monstrous, and the most elaborate argument would not place their monstrosity more clearly before the reader, than the simple enunciation of them.” (Southern Literary Messenger)