Sociology for the South

Sociology for the South

Fitzhugh’s tour de force has long been considered dangerous for its defense of slavery. But Sociology for the South is much more than that—it is one of the most scathing indictments of laissez-faire ever written. Fitzhugh reframes the issue of slavery not just in utilitarian terms, but chiefly in moral terms. He points out the universal, immemorial, natural, and humane nature of this institution, and sets it on a Christian foundation. He also disarms socialism as a stunted and narrow case of his own, casting slavery as the one true alternative to the hypercentralization of authority seen under both communism and capitalism in the last century.



This edition also contains three of Fitzhugh’s shorter essays on slavery, deepening and expanding on the themes present in Sociology. His paternal affection for blacks, women, and the poor is evident throughout all his writings, making a truly dangerous case for an institution thought to be beyond the pale.

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  • Additional Information

    Author(s): George Fitzhugh

    Publishing Date: 19/06/2021

    Language: English

    Page Count: 211

    ISBN: 978-1-922602-06-0