Firstness Journal: Issue #3

Firstness Journal: Issue #3

Firstness Journal is at the vanguard of dissident right-wing thought. It affirms authority as essential to social life, and investigates jurisprudence, political economy, sociology, and all other political theory in this light. Boasting some of the dissident right's premier talent, Firstness promises to become a centre of right-wing discourse.

Issue #3 contains the following essays:


War by Epistemic Means — Joel Davis

Political Ontology and Partisan Violence — Thomas777

Ethics and the Trauma of Creation — Josh Neal

Political Metastability — Marcus Cunningham

Talk of the Center — Adam Katz

Generative Anthropology is Bullshit — Aaron Hunter

Roman Law, Legality and John of Salisbury — Frederik Boreas

Problematic Subjects — Owen Gilbride

The Heuristics of Ancient Principles on Civilized Order — Jim Bonner

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  • Additional Information

    Author(s): Various

    Publishing Date: 07/12/2021

    Language: English

    Page Count: 194

    ISBN: 978-1-922602-25-1