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Folktales in the

Folktales in the Indo-European Tradition is a massive collection of 150 folktales, organized by how far back in the Indo-European migrations they can be traced—some well into the Bronze Age. It includes 20 beautiful colour illustrations by the artist Graman and a foreword written by Imperium Press' editor-in-chief, where he shows that comparative folkloristics can be used to reconstruct the beliefs and practices of the Proto-Indo-Europeans.


This work is a major contribution to European culture and will reposition folklore as central to our native character and worldview.

Firstness Journal: Issue #3

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Edited by Joel Davis

Firstness Journal is the centre of serious right wing discourse today.


Issue #3 features essays by Joel Davis, Thomas777, Josh Neal, Marcus Cunningham, Adam Katz, Aaron Hunter, Frederik Boreas, Owen Gilbride, and Jim Bonner. Investigating jurisprudence, political economy, sociology, and political theory in light of affirming authority, this is the vanguard of dissident right-wing thought.

Major Works, Vol. I

Joseph de Maistre

Joseph de Maistre is one of the greatest of all reactionary thinkers, and in this volume, three of his principal works are brought together unabridged.

Maistre’s penetrating analysis and relentless counter-attack on the Enlightenment have made him a primary illiberal voice. The three books brought together here are the most important works of theory in his corpus, translated anew in a rendering more faithful to the original French. With an introduction by Thomas F. Bertonneau outlining Maistre’s main objections to liberalism, this is now the definitive edition of the master’s major works.

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Edited by R. P. Chope

Imperium Press presents Ballads Weird and Wonderful, twenty-five poems of the dark, the grotesque, and the unearthly. With equally unearthly illustrations by Vernon Hill, this collection is perfect for when the veil between this world and the next grows thin.

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Ballads Weird and Wonderful

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Filmer is the greatest absolutist theorist in English history. His Patriarcha was so incendiary that attempts to rebut it gave birth to liberal political theory. His patriarchalist concept of legitimacy has fatal implications for democracy and constitutionalism, and so liberals could not allow him to go unanswered.

This edition collects his whole political corpus, and in the introduction it is shown that answers by the likes of John Locke have proven woefully inadequate. Filmer's thought remains as relevant to political theory today as it was 400 years ago.

Robert Filmer

The Complete Political Works