The Populist Delusion

By explicating elite thinkers from Mosca all the way to Paul Gottfried, Parvini explodes the populist delusion—the idea that the people are or can ever be sovereign. In this book he ties these thinkers together into a coherent narrative that is the coup de grâce for the idea of grassroots social change.

But rather than being a blackpill, this turns out to be immensely useful for right wing activism. By focusing our attention on tightly organized minorities as vehicles for change, Parvini revives the old idea of vanguardism as the true hope for any friend of the people.

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Neema Parvini

The Ancient Family


The Indo-European ancestor cult is the grandfather of all European nationalism, traditionalism, and patriarchy, whose purest forms have deviated little from it in 5,000 years.

In The Ancient Family we get a picture of the primordial Aryan family structure, which was later built up into highly technical, world-girdling empires that maintained their ethnic integrity to the very end.

This may be the ultimate Study in Reaction. If there can be a serious challenge to modernity, it will look like this.

Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges

The National System
of Political Economy

Marx and Adam Smith formed the basis of 20th century economic theory, but Friedrich List formed the basis of 20th century economic practice. In showing that England's rise was facilitated not by free markets but by protectionism, List pointed the way for nations to succeed in the face of competition. All nationalist economies have consciously followed his blueprint: Germany, Italy, China, and above all, America from 1850-1950—this is the America that Trump wanted to make economically great again.

Imperium Press brings you List's magnum opus, The National System of Political Economy, an economic text forgotten only in the West, and by far the most important for understanding the history and economics of the 20th century.

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After the death of Achilles, the Greeks award his prized armour to Odysseus rather than Ajax. Overcome by shame at this dishonour, Ajax repays the insult with bloody vengeance.

Sophocles’ Ajax contrasts the archaic man to the classical man. Noble, proud, and vengeful, Ajax embodies the Indo-European warrior-aristocrat, just as the cunning, clever, and silver-tongued Odysseus embodies the new man of Greece. Sophocles’ work is second to none in holding up the shame culture that so characterizes traditional social orders.


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Folktales in the

Folktales in the Indo-European Tradition is a massive collection of 150 folktales, organized by how far back in the Indo-European migrations they can be traced—some well into the Bronze Age. It includes 20 beautiful colour illustrations by the artist Graman and a foreword written by Imperium Press' editor-in-chief, where he shows that comparative folkloristics can be used to reconstruct the beliefs and practices of the Proto-Indo-Europeans.


This work is a major contribution to European culture and will reposition folklore as central to our native character and worldview.

Firstness Journal: Issue #3

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Edited by Joel Davis

Firstness Journal is the centre of serious right wing discourse today.


Issue #3 features essays by Joel Davis, Thomas777, Josh Neal, Marcus Cunningham, Adam Katz, Aaron Hunter, Frederik Boreas, Owen Gilbride, and Jim Bonner. Investigating jurisprudence, political economy, sociology, and political theory in light of affirming authority, this is the vanguard of dissident right-wing thought.

Havamal and
Norse Proverbs

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Havamal is the major work of Norse wisdom literature, the counsel of Odin himself. This is the accumulated wisdom of one who has moved under a northern sky, and killed many men. Translated into the original alliterative meter, this Havamal is true to the original, at once archaic and down to earth.


The Imperium Press edition also includes other selections from the Poetic Edda and Völsunga Saga, as well as 150 proverbs collected from across the Norse sagas.