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Translated by Francis Gummere

Foreword by Aidan Maclear

Beowulf is the formative work of Englishness, a story of our origins, a bridge between our Christian and pagan identity. It is also a work of sublime poetry and heroism, telling the tale of the archetypal dragon slayer and king.

Imperium Press offers an alliterative verse, dual language edition (English and Old English), along with several other old Saxon poems in this volume. These plus copious footnotes and commentary explaining points of literary and historical interest make this the definitive collection of West-Germanic heroic poetry.

The Present Time

Thomas Carlyle

The Present Time is a collection of the most reactionary essays by Thomas Carlyle. In them he critiques democracy, laissez-faire economics, and the idea of progress with unmatched savagery and erudition.

This volume of his most radical thought also includes an exhaustive glossary, finally making Carlyle accessible to non-specialists. Carlyle is one of the towering figures of illiberal thought, and this collects his strongest material into a compact volume.

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American Extremist: The Psychology of Political Extremism

Josh Neal

In American Extremism, Josh Neal undertakes a full psychoanalysis of political extremism both on the right and the left.

The results are startling—what makes America so prone to political extremism is that state and quasi-state actors such as NGOs, academia, and the media are the true originators of political violence. In other words, violence against normality is at the heart of liberalism.

This sharp critique is a powerful tool in wresting the mainstream narrative away from those who would do us harm.

Némesis: El modelo jouveneliano contra el modelo liberal de los órdenes humanos

C. A. Bond

Examinando la historia a través de la lente del mecanismo "alto-bajo vs. medio" de Bertrand de Jouvenel, C. A. Bond muestra que el liberalismo, lejos de ser una fuerza para la descentralización y la paz, resulta más bien en una hiper-centralización y un conflicto crónico.

Abarcando fenómenos como la democracia ateniense, el Islam radical, la materia de las vidas negras, las ONG, la Ilustración, la era de los derechos civiles y el feminismo, Bond ofrece una base teórica segura para la revuelta antiliberal que actualmente envuelve a nuestro mundo.

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Why I Am Not a Liberal

Why I Am Not a Liberal

Jonathan Bowden

An intimate interview with one of the dissident right's foundational figures, this slim volume is the perfect digest of far right thought.


Jonathan Bowden was a major intellectual force in the London New-Right, a magisterial speaker with an encyclopaedic knowledge of politics both left and right. Surrounded by admirers, in this interview he answers questions on a wide range of topics, and reminds the dissident right of lessons it has forgotten in the years since his untimely death.

An Originary Grammar
of the Center

Dennis Bouvard

A challenge to the liberal worldview that places centrality at the heart of what it means to be human.


In Anthropomorphics, one of the dissident right's leading theoreticians provides a roadmap for penetrating and repurposing liberal disciplinary spaces. Bouvard gives us a powerful set of conceptual tools to meet modernity head on, reframing it according to the hierarchy, sacrality, and formalism so essential to illiberal thought.

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The Ancient City

Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges

Foreword by Dennis Bouvard

In The Ancient City, Fustel de Coulanges hands us the skeleton key unlocking classical civilization—the Indo-European domestic cult—showing this archaic religion to be the engine behind the rise and fall of the classical world.

In his foreword, Dennis Bouvard views The Ancient City through the lens of generative anthropology, pointing the way to a post-liberal understanding of our own social order, informed by the imperative order described by Fustel.

Nemesis: The Jouvenelian vs. the Liberal Model of Human Orders

C.A. Bond

Examining history through the lens of Bertrand de Jouvenel's "high–low vs. middle" mechanism, C. A. Bond shows that liberalism—far from a force for decentralization and peace—results rather in hyper-centralization and chronic conflict.

Ranging over such phenomena as Athenian democracy, radical Islam, Black Lives Matter, NGOs, the Enlightenment, the civil rights era, and feminism, Bond offers a secure theoretical basis for the illiberal revolt currently engulfing our world.

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Translated by W.C. Bryant

Foreword by Ricardo Duchesne

Iliad is the cornerstone of the Western canon. Imperium Press presents Bryant’s celebrated verse translation, renowned for over a century as our mother tongue’s “best echo of the old Greek epic.”

In his foreword, Ricardo Duchesne shows Iliad to be a poem not for all times and places, but a native expression of a specifically European warrior aristocratic ethos. And one, as he shows, that represents a formative moment in the development of consciousness itself.