Statement on the BAP “feud”

In August 2021, one of our authors engaged in a crusade against Bronze Age Pervert and others, advancing the theory that they receive money from Peter Thiel. When this author endorsed doxing, we disassociated from him immediately. We showed leadership and sent a strong message about doxing.

BAP is a Schelling point for the dissident right and signalling loyalty to him is signalling a whole ecosystem of thought. Strivers who aspire to influence continue to virtue signal by pretending that Imperium Press doxed BAP or endorsed his doxing. Far from it—we took a stand on doxing at great cost when we de-listed one of our most influential books. Many people thought this was excessive and unnecessary. We don’t.

There is no feud between Imperium Press and Bronze Age Pervert—there was a feud between our author and him and we brought it to an end.